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Delivering custom content & marketing solutions for IT vendors

Content Development

A successful inbound marketing program is built on quality content. We’ll help you produce a steady stream of blog posts, white papers, case studies, webinars, email campaigns, press releases and more. You’ll have content that’s appropriate for each stage of the buying process, so you can consistently attract new visitors and ensure they return often.


Lead Conversion

Converting leads into customers requires nurturing, meaning consistently giving visitors the type of content they’re looking for depending on where they are in the sales process. PDEdit offers all the tools you’ll need, including email marketing programs, list segmentation and, of course, content production.​

Editorial Calendars

Great content doesn’t just happen; it needs to be planned. PDEdit will work with your team to create an editorial calendar that ensures you’re producing the right content at the right time given your marketing initiatives and product goals.

Reporting & Analysis​


You need to know what’s working in your inbound marketing program and what needs improving. Using sophisticated analysis and reporting tools, PDEdit will help you refine your program, ensuring you keep traffic high and leads flowing.


Lead Generation

Consistently updated content will attract visitors to your web site while compelling landing pages and offers for additional content will convert them into leads.

Search Engine Optimization

All of the content PDEdit creates includes specific keywords that are important to your business, ensuring your site consistently ranks high on search engines


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